4 Easy Cooking Hacks

Today we took on making Smoked “Over the Top” Chili on the Traeger and there were four little cooking hacks that I discovered/wanted to share with all of you to make your cooking lives easier! Now you may read this and say you already knew these, but by chance you don’t, no need to say thank you :).

Cell Phone Recipe Hack

Recipes with a lot of steps and ingredients, can be daunting especially when you are using your cell phone, because you keep having to put in your password to make it wake up. With the recent recipe I was doing, there were a lot of steps and it was messy, especially for my hands. So the last thing I wanted to do was touch my phone! If you are iPhone user, there are 3 simple steps to follow to make your screen stay awake while you are cooking!

Go into your settings and click “Display & Brightness”

Click Auto Lock and set it to “Never”.

This allows your phone to stay open when you are doing your recipe and won’t go to sleep! Be sure to set it back to your allotted sleep time that you want after you are done cooking!

Cell Phone Stand 

My mother-in-law gave Bryant and I both cell phone stands for Christmas, specifically for recipes when we are cooking. I love this cell phone stand as its durable, allows your phone to go landscape or portrait and can be used for other things as well (Netflix watching when you are getting ready :)) Here is the link if you would like to purchase it now from amazon prime! Lamicall Phone Stand

Butcher Paper Garbage

Whenever I am cooking and I have a lot of veggies to cut, I save the butcher paper from the meat we are using or the bag from the veggies from the grocery store to hold the garbage of all of the vegetable/fruit scraps or meat scraps. I lay the paper or bag right on the table next to where I am working and throw all of the garbage onto it. When I am done I pick up the paper or bag and all of the scraps are all picked up, in one spot and easy to throw away! This allows you to not have to sit over your garbage can to cut things, million trips to the trash can and easy clean up!

Strainer for Cans

For years I have cut open the cans of vegetables or beans I am using and use the top to strain out the excess water. Man was I wasting my time. Get a bowl and stick a strainer on top of the bowl. Dump all the vegetables or beans you need for the recipe right into the strainer and the liquid will collect in the bowl. Yes its more dishes. But its such a time saver and less messy in the long run!


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