Reverse Seared Ribeye

This past weekend we went to a really neat place near our house called Whiskey Acres Distilling Co. They pride themselves on their whiskey, even winning awards in Illinois for their Rye Whiskey. It is a super cool place with a cozy bar, next to a fireplace in a large barn with fun games to play and great, down to earth company. You can check It out on the weekends and take a tour to see the process of their whiskey and vodka distilling and taste the spirits as well, lead by their super knowledgeable guides. Whiskey Acres describes their business as,

“Estate grown and distilled by 5th generation family farmers in Dekalb, Illinois. Our spirits are handmade on farm using only our best corn, wheat and rye. All of our products are proudly grown from seed to spirit”.

Definitely a place to check out! The reason I’m going on about Whiskey Acres, is because not only are their cocktails delicious and their accommodations inviting, they have different cuts of beef available for sale that we tried for dinner; ribeye.

Now this isn’t just any old ribeye. Whiskey Acres is located on and utilizes Hammett Family Farms for their corn growing for their spirits, but also for the feed for the cows that created the delicious cut of beef we enjoyed tonight! They are described as bourbon beef steaks . They are made from the spent distiller’s grain, which creates a tender, unique flavor on the steaks! Delicious!!!

Now this technique Bryant used can be used with any steak and on any grill- but you all know, we are a Traeger family so that’s what we used tonight! It’s super simple and literally makes the PERFECT cooked steak to your liking. This is the way to cook a steak!!

Bryant has a new toy for his Traeger and that is the Savannah Stoker, which is a pellet grill controller. He replaced the Traeger controller with this one which was super easy! He is able to control the temperature of the Traeger to make it even more precise, change the speed of the auger depending on how fast or slow he needs the Traeger to heat up and has a meat probe that connects and reads on the controller. It allows the grill to get to low temperatures to smoke things like meat or fish or super high temperatures if need be up to 500 degrees. This was his first time using it so I will keep you all posted as to how it’s working out!

Reverse Seared Steak:


  • Any steak cut that you find fresh at your local butcher x how many guests
  • Steak rub- prime rib rib to cover steak with a light dusting
  • 2 tbsp butter


  1. Preheat Traeger or grill to 225 degrees fahrenheit
  2. Sprinkle steak rub of your choice onto steak – we like to use prime rib rub
  3. Pat the steak so rub gets attached and binds to the meat

3. Insert meat thermometer into thickest part of the steak prior to cooking.

4. Cook the steak on both sides until the internal temp of the steak is at 125 degrees Fahrenheit for medium. **The steaks will not get their pretty sear yet from the smoker or grill. We like our steaks medium/medium rare.

5. Take steak off the grill and heat up cast iron skillet on medium high heat with 2 tbsp of butter in pan.

6. Sprinkle a drop or two of water onto the skillet to know that it is ready. Once the skillet is hot and ready, sear each side of the steak about 3 minutes with the cover on to get that good crust, but not too long where the steak is cooking more internally.

7. Take off the pan and slice into strips. Enjoy with horseradish mayo or steak sauce or your choice!

Horseradish Mayo Recommendation:

Cherry Horseradish Sauce


Prime Rib Rub:


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