Heaven on Seven

                  Since Bryant and I have opposite schedules with our jobs we take advantage of the opportunities when we can go out for a nice lunch together. Todays choice was Heaven on Seven in Naperville.  They also have a location in the city! I’ve eaten more creole food in the past two days then I think I have in my life! This restaurant makes you feel like you have stepped into a travel machine that takes you straight to the heart of Mardi Gras. From the moment we walked in, I loved the place! There was a very talented woman playing live jazz music on the piano and the place was decorated with beads, streamers, New Orleans artwork and a wall full of different hot sauces.

               We started off our meal with the fried oysters. Yum! The breading was super crispy and the dipping sauce was a sweet, honey jalapeno dressing that paired with the oysters nicely. Even a non-oyster-eater would love these! They were like little potato chips. oyster.jpg

                 I had the chicken and waffles. WOW! This is only available on Saturday’s and Sunday’s on the brunch menu. The chicken was coated with rice krispy cereal and the waffles were topped with bacon-maple syrup. We have made chicken and waffles and home before because its nearly impossible to find restaurants in the suburbs that prepare chicken and waffles. The savory, crispy chicken and the sweet, maple syrup with bacon chunks was scrumptious.


                  Bryant’s spice tolerance is WAY higher than mine. Mine has gotten better but he can handle anything! Maybe that’s the Arizona in him :).  He got the appetizer order (4 shrimp) of the Shrimp voodoo over rice with Jimmy’s Famous Voodoo Sauce. The shrimp were coated with a delicious, SPICY sauce that had chunks of green peppers, carrots, pineapples and were laid on top of a bed of rice. I tried half a shrimp. Great flavor and it literally made me sweat! We might be paying for that later…


            I would definitely go back to try some more Creole Cuisine and to enjoy the great atmosphere. It was truly a unique experience! Thank you Bryant for the great date lunch idea!

Heaven on Seven Website




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